Pylon Gateway

Pylon Gateway is a permissionless project launchpad that helps investors make secure, "lossless," and value-additive crypto investments. Wielding the phrase "Deposit to Invest," users can stake Terra stablecoins (e.g. UST) over a vesting period and receive project tokens as rewards, while project teams receive yields generated from the initial deposits.

Serving as Pylon Protocol's first fully integrated use case and flagship platform, Pylon Gateway is built to serve as a user-friendly token launchpad and crowdfunding platform. From the onset, Pylon Gateway aims to encourage forthcoming projects to launch their tokens on Terra.

Disclaimer: Pylon Gateway does not involve itself in reviewing or auditing contract code for projects. Tokens launching on Pylon do not constitute investment advice. Legal treatment of assets purchased will depend on user/project jurisdiction, and users should partake in careful legal review before depositing any funds.

For User Investors

Pylon Gateway provides a forum for users to make "lossless" investments, that is, to make investments with their base capital untouched. The amount, not value, of tokens deposited into Anchor will be returned to the depositor in full post-unlock.

Users can deposit Terra stablecoins for a selected vesting or lockup period to earn project tokens and governance rights. Users can withdraw their full principal after the pledged vesting or lockup period to claim corresponding rewards.

Pylon Gateway allows users to discover hidden gems at early-stage and discounted prices, as well as become a long-term ally for new and exclusive token launches in the Terra ecosystem.

For Project Teams

Pylon Gateway enables early-stage and existing ventures to raise funds and scale their ideas, while remaining focused on developing their products as opposed to spending time both building and marketing. Project teams can customize funding options and investments-via-deposits in return for consistent payouts that actively respond to new project developments.

Integrated with both Pylon Protocol and the Terra Network, Pylon Gateway will open up projects to a larger initial audience reach than if they had deployed their own campaigns. Pylon Gateway lowers the barrier of entry for projects launching a token on a strong, secure launchpad.

Pylon Pools for Deposits

Project teams can allocate new tokens to a customized Pylon Pool where investors can deposit UST (and later, other Terra-based currencies such as MINE or LUNA), and receive project tokens and designated rewards in return. Project teams can customize their own investment pools and token vesting and token claiming schedules in order to meet the specific and evolving needs of each project launch campaign. There are no upper limits on the total amount of tokens an investor can commit to each Pylon Pool. All Pylon Pools remain open for investors to enter at any time until the end of the vesting period, although early investors are rewarded for their long-term support. Project token rewards allocated for each pool will be distributed to all investors, weighted according to their contribution to the pool.

Each Pylon Pool will come with different vesting periods. The investor's deposits in TerraUSD will be locked for the remaining duration of the vesting period, while project tokens will be distributed linearly. Upon completing an initial project token lockup duration (set by each project team), investors can start to claim and withdraw project tokens. Depending on the timeline for each project, investors may be able to claim project tokens earlier than the investor’s pledged UST deposit withdrawal date.

For example, if one Pylon Pool for $PROJECT comes with a token vesting period of 6 months and an initial project token lockup duration of 3 months, an investor’s principal-protected UST deposit would be locked for 6 months in its entirety, while the investor would be able to claim and withdraw $PROJECT tokens starting 3 months from the launch date of that particular Pylon Pool.

Pylon Pools for NFT Raffles

NFT projects can feature their own NFTs on Pylon Gateway via lossless NFT raffle pools. NFTs are airdropped to UST and MINE stakers based on duration and amount staked, and users can stake and unstake at any time. Project teams can decide how frequently to send over the NFT airdrops and decide the specific parameters for NFT raffle airdrops and distribution.

Gateway Fund for Treasury Swaps

Projects can also delegate some of their tokens to Gateway Fund, a yield-based community fund for collective fixed swaps. On this mechanism, users deposit UST in return for collective swaps administered via decentralized voting on promising projects. Project tokens are to be distributed in a linear retrospective fashion, allowing earlier depositors to benefit the most from the continued growth of the fund. Upon lockup period expiry, users can claim their underlying UST deposits.

Future Crowdfunding Options

Based on each project team’s preferences for crowdfunding, Pylon Gateway may possibly later accommodate flexible funding options for projects, including dutch auctions, blind auctions, and batch auctions. Beyond token launches, future projects may provide investor rewards in the form of NFTs, participatory rights, and exclusive memberships.

Later versions of Pylon Gateway will introduce for project teams instant loans that pay themselves off via future yields from investor deposits, which will support project teams that may need upfront capital for early bootstrapping. For investors, Pylon Gateway eventually aims to accept deposits in other Terra-native currencies including LUNA and MINE, redirecting staking rewards to project teams.

MINE Token Launch

MINE is Pylon Protocol’s native utility token and Pylon Gateway's debut token launch project, with its namesake inspired by minerals in Starcraft. MINE is built with a yield-capturing mechanism for all forthcoming platforms and project launches integrated with Pylon Protocol.

There will be three separate MINE Pylon Pools and one MINE Pylon Swap, with a total of 400M MINE tokens distributed via Pylon Gateway, amounting to 16% of genesis token distribution.

💠 Earn MINE

200M MINE tokens are available for investments-via-deposits via Pylon Pools. Users can deposit TerraUSD (UST) over a vesting period and receive MINE rewards in return. Once the vesting period ends, users can retrieve their UST deposits in full.

Annual percentage yield (APY) is determined by UST staked, deposit demand, interest generated, total number of MINE tokens allocated per pool, and MINE token pricing.

💎 Pool 1. [18 month vesting] The first pool offers a linear MINE vesting period over 18 months, where investors can claim investment returns beginning 9 months from the date of pledge. There will be a total of 130M MINE tokens allocated.

💎 Pool 2. [12 month vesting] The second pool offers a linear MINE vesting period over 12 months, where investors can claim investment returns beginning 6 months from the date of pledge. There will be a total of 50M MINE tokens allocated.

💎 Pool 3. [6 month vesting] The third pool offers a linear MINE vesting period over 6 months, where investors can claim investment returns beginning 3 months from the date of pledge. There will be a total of 20M MINE tokens allocated.

There are no upper limits on the amount of UST tokens an investor can commit to their investment-via-deposits. MINE tokens allocated for each pool will be divided amongst all investors, weighted according to their contribution to the pool. The amount of MINE tokens investors will earn daily from the Pylon Pools is proportional to the amount of UST investors have subscribed to the pool versus the total number of UST subscribed to the pool.

💠 Claim MINE

The amount of MINE tokens each investor will earn is calculated daily, and investors can begin to harvest pending rewards depending on each pool's designated timeframe for claiming rewards.

Upon claiming MINE, investors can stake MINE using the Pylon WebApp, provide liquidity to the MINE-UST liquidity pool, or trade MINE at market prices on exchanges such as Terraswap.

Enter Pylon Gateway

Deposit to invest today on Pylon Gateway.

If you are a project team hoping to launch your tokens on Pylon Gateway, please refer to the Pylon Forum post, "For Projects Submitting Applications."

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